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Lotus - Reissue EP (Disk 01)

Lotus - Reissue EP (Disk 01)

テクノの可能性を常に追求してやまないDJ MIKUとHideo Kobayashi a.k.a. H.I.D.によるプロジェクト<Lotus>が再降臨を果たす。
彼らが生み出してきたヒューマニックでミニマルなトランシーテクノサウンドは、世代を超え、決して色あせることなく現代シーンへ容赦ない変革を投げかける。MIKUらが主催してきた野外フェス<Global Ark>だが、2021年の武尊キャンプ場での最後のアンコールでプレイされたONEのReissue盤も絶大な反響を呼び、今作に収録されることとなった。更にブラッシュアップされた名曲の数々が2023年、レーベルへと変貌を遂げた<Global Ark Recordings>から発表。
現在に至るまでの<Lotus>の輝かしい功績と貴重なDJ MIKUとの対談は、Hideo Kobayashiが運営するチャンネルで是非チェックしていただきたい。




Lotus, a project by DJ MIKU and Hideo Kobayashi a.k.a. H.I.D., who have always been pursuing the possibilities of techno, is back with a vengeance.The humanistic and minimal trancey techno sound they have been creating has transcended generations and will never fade away, throwing unrelenting change into the contemporary scene.
MIKU and his group have hosted the outdoor festival "Global Ark," and their reissue of ONE, which was played as the final encore at the Takezo Campsite in 2021, received a tremendous response.The song was played as an encore at the last encore at the Hotaka Campsite in 2021. In 2023, the label Global Ark Recordings, which has been transformed into a label, will release a number of further brushed-up masterpieces.Please check out Hideo Kobayashi's channel for more information on Lotus' brilliant achievements up to the present day, as well as a rare interview with DJ MIKU.


Tracklist (Disk 01)
Track 1: ONE (Reissue Ver. )
Track 2: P**K (Extended Remix)
Track 3: Strawberry Juice(Re-Edit Ver. )
Track 4: T*K*Y (Extended Remix)


Artist: LOTUS
Title: Reissue EP (Disk 01)
Format: Digital
Catalog#: GAR002
Release Date: 14.April.2023



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